I believe in process. I perceive this time frame to be an entirely forgiving and unmistakably insightful segment in my ceramic-based practice. Always allowing myself to be both mentally and physically immersed in the process ‒ this essential push and pull between myself and the material, clay, is where my experience of being a craftsman is enriched.

Infatuated by notions of scale and composition, I am interested in the embodied experience attained when meeting 3-dimensional matter. The affect of material existence is what drives my practice (not effect as in the repercussion of a cause) but affect meaning the initially visceral, however, raw and immediate bodily response to a physical manifestation.

The forefront of my research is attentive to form, shape, line, and space ‒ fundamental yet instrumental notions from which my hypotheses derive. 

The limitless possibilities of experimentation with the properties of clay is ultimately what keeps me coming back to this unique material. Captivated by the challenges that arise when executing ceramic work, I appreciate that the material I work with challenges me as much as I challenge it.